JapanVis is a new international-domestic-hybrid symposium administered by Visualization Society of Japan, that solicits research contributionn in all areas of computer visualization such as information visualization, scientific visualization, visual analytics, and visualization applications.

The first day of the symposium organizes international paper sessions in conjunction with Journal of Visualization (JoV).

* Administered by Visualization Society of Japan

Call for Papers


The scope of the international paper sessions follows the scope of Journal of Visualization. Submissions need to include an exhaustive survey of related work published by computer visualization journals and conferences.


Submissions of the international paper sessions are reviewed by the international program committee of the symposium. Excellent submissions are accepted as journal-track papers and will be published by Journal of Visualization after a quick review process. Other submissions are accepted as non-archival conference papers if they fit the scope of the symposium. Conference papers are strongly recommended to be submitted to Journal of Visualization after carefully revising according to review comments.


Submissions must follow the guideline of Journal of Visualization . The LaTeX template of Springer Nature is strongly recommended.
NOTE: Though the guideline Web page describes "not exceeding 8 pages", the journal usually accepts papers that exceed 8 pages. Similarly, this symposium can accept papers that exceed 8 pages.

EasyChair is open for online submission:


Nov 30, 2023Dec 14, 2023(AoE) Submission deadline
Jan 31, 2024 Acceptance notification
Feb 28, 2024 Final manuscript submission


1st day (April 22)

9:40~11:20Session 1 (Scientific Visualization)
Chair: Satoshi Tanaka
BLCM: A BP-LGBM based Atmospheric Visibility Forecasting Model
Lu Yang, Rongrong Li, Xiaobin Qiu and Chongke Bi
UGINR: Large Scale Unstructured Grid Reduction via Implicit Neural Representation
Keyuan Liu, Chenyue Jiao, Xin Gao and Chongke Bi
mint: Integrating Scientific Visualizations Into Virtual Reality
Sergej Geringer, Florian Geiselhart, Alex Bäuerle, Dominik Dec, Olivia Odenthal, Guido Reina, Timo Ropinski and Daniel Weiskopf
Your Visualisations are Going Places: SciVis on Gaming Consoles
Michael Becher, Christoph Müller, Dominik Sellenthin, Thomas Ertl, Guido Reina and Daniel Weiskopf
Visualization of Celestial Structures Based on Topological Data Analysis for Integral Field Spectroscopy
Rikuo Uchiki, Toshiya Ueta, Kazuya Matsubayashi, Makoto Uemura, Yuriko Takeshima and Issei Fujishiro
12:30~14:10Session 2 (Performance Analysis / 3D Rendering)
Chair: Yi Chen
Power Overwhelming: The One With the Oscilloscopes
Patrick Gralka, Christoph Müller, Moritz Heinemann, Guido Reina, Daniel Weiskopf and Thomas Ertl
Quantifying Performance Gains of DirectStorage for the Visualisation of Time-Dependent Particle Data Sets
Christoph Müller and Thomas Ertl
Probe Glyphs: Occlusion-free Visualization for Dense 3D Data
Tobias Rau, Michael Becher, Patrick Gralka, Michael Sedlmair, Thomas Ertl, Michael Krone and Guido Reina
Vortex Visualization for Large-Scale Ocean Simulation based on Eigenvorticity and Opacity Gradation
Satoru Arita, Soya Kamisaka, Satoshi Nakada, Shintaro Kawahara, Hideo Miyachi, Kyoko Hasegawa, Satoshi Takatori, Liang Li and Satoshi Tanaka
Edge Highlighting with Depth-Dependent Opacity Gradation of Laser-Scanned Point Clouds Improves the Accuracy of Perceived Depth in Transparent Multi-View 3D Visualizations
Daimon Aoi, Kyoko Hasegawa, Liang Li, Yuichi Sakano, Naohisa Sakamoto, Satoshi Takatori and Satoshi Tanaka
14:30~16:10Session 3 (Information Visualization / Visual Analytics)
Chair: Chongke Bi
Flexible Optimization of Hierarchical Graph Layout by Genetic Algorithm with Various Conditions
Ayana Murakami and Takayuki Itoh
Using Explainable Artificial Intelligence Meth-ods to Improve Visualization and Rule-Based Machine Learning Outcomes
Zhonglin Qu, Quang Vinh Nguyen, Simeon Simoff, Daniel Catchpoole and Paul Kennedy
Where Do They Go Next? Causal Inference-based Prediction and Visual Analysis of Graduates' First Destination
Yi Chen, Wenqiang Wei, Li Wang, Yu Dong and Jie Liang
AlertSets: Supporting Exploratory Analysis of Cybersecurity Alerts through Sets
Franziska Becker, Christoph Müller, David Karpuk and Thomas Ertl
SnakeTrees: Multi-level Visual Exploration of High-dimensional Clustered Data
Alexandra Diehl, Uensal Satan, Gaudenz Halter, Barbara Flueckiger and Renato Pajarola

2nd day (April 23)

Details are to be announced in Japanese page.


Registration fee

Presenters of International Symposium 20,000 Japanese yen per paper
* Same fee for on-site and remote presenters
* Same fee for students
* Banquet fee included
Audience(Monday only)Free
General(for both two days)10,000 Japanese yen
Society member(for both two days)5,000 Japanese yen
Student poster presenter 3,000 Japanese yen
Student audience (on-site)Free
Student audience (on-line)Free
Symposium banquet on Monday5,000 Japanese yen
NOTE: Every participant (including participants with free regisration fee) need on-line registration in order. Symposium banquet fee is included only for speakers of international symposium papers. Travel support (e.g., visa document support) is limited to the authors of international symposium papers.

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Toyo University, Hakusan Campus, Sky Hall (16th floor of the 2nd building)

* JapanVis has a self-service lunch time. Cafeterias on the basement floor of the 6th and 8th buildings are convenient.


General Chair:
Takayuki Itoh (Ochanomizu University)
Program Chair:
Shigeo Takahashi (University of Aizu)
Finance Chair:
Hideo Miyachi (Tokyo City University)
Local Coordinate Chair:
Yoshihiro Kubota (Toyo University)
Yuriko Takeshima (Tokyo University of Technology)
Advisory Committee:
Koji Koyamada (Osaka Seikei University)
Satoshi Someya (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

International Program Committee:
Chongke Bi (Tianjin University, China)
Siming Chen (Fudan University, China)
Masahiko Itoh (Hokkaido Information University, Japan)
Yun Jang (Sejong University, South Korea)
Michael Krone (University of Tubingen, Germany)
Karsten Klein (University of Konstanz, Germany)
Guozheng Li (Beijing Institute of Technology, China)
Jia Li (Tianjin University, China)
Christy Jie Liang (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
Hiroaki Natsukawa (Osaka Seikei University, Japan)
Quang Vinh Nguyen (Western Sydney University, Australia)
Jorji Nonaka (Riken, Japan)
Guide Reina (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
Naohisa Sakamoto (Kobe University, Japan)
Ken Wakita (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Lingyun Yu (Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China)
Ying Zhao (Central South University, China)

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